That's why a beer can fill you up.

2010-02-28 09:34 (comments: 0)

A bit of progress

2010-02-28 09:05 (comments: 0)

Exams are over. Lots of corrections, but anyways, things are lighter now. I started improve the contents of the site: a log for things I read and another for movies I saw. All goes very slowly, but ... there is progress! Now to fill all this.

Interesting photo sites

2010-02-19 21:52 (comments: 0)

While looking for more details about the HDR technique, I found:

  • Cambridge in colour: tutorials, techniques and gallery. I learned here first about local contrast enhancing then discovered digikam has a plugin for it. I like this site very much;
  • Photocritic blog. Happens to have interesting articles from time to time;
  • HDR Crème a very good many examples of what HDR should not be. Exaggerating the dynamic range flattening of a HDR capture gives ugly cartoonish, flat images for most people, it seems.


2010-02-14 15:57 (comments: 0)

We are a civilisation of freeloaders. OK, this is a recurrent theme with me (and even semipermanent), but once in a while I get peeved over the board of my patience. What tickled me this time is a video of a presentation Microsoft did a few days ago at TED, about its new bing maps technology. I don't have anything against the technology or the obvious bloody competition with Google. But just look at the last 5 seconds of the video, to see the audience become lustful and almost perceivedly greedy. We absolutely love our hypertech toys. We despise the creators, we even physically molest them sometimes (think of the invetor of the blue LED), we bask in emotional and superstitious behavior, all the more enhanced by all the tech. But we forget to honestly realize that we are mostly freeloaders. That such near-magic requires efforts, and brains, and high quality education. We completely overlook the potential for even more wonderful (and actually useful) magic that could be created with the help of a thoughtful revival of social collaboration. We still allow wonderful brains to be lost through our awful economic predatory behavior. And all is a-OK as long as we get our freeloading toys.

Risk intelligence

2010-02-04 17:47 (comments: 0)

Interesting concept: risk intelligence. I find it an interesting tool for better self-assessment. Yes, I took the test and its seems I need to take care a bit with my decisions, I tend to be too self confident. One particular aspect that bothered me in the test though was the strong U.S.-centered culture references. I understand and I know that not the encyclopedical aspect is essential in the test, but the unfamiliarity of the topics clearly threw me off-balance (and it is accepted that when we have nothing more to lose, we get more daring).

The origins of the test and the associated project are very interesting too (read the presentation in the About page at the site). Only this age of the Internet would allow two independent individuals to conduct such a large scale operation of scientific flavor out of their personal pockets. Very interesting.

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