A la demande populaire

2010-01-24 13:15 (comments: 2)

J'ai ajouté un mécanisme de commentaires.

All hope is not lost

2010-01-19 10:41 (comments: 1)

I had recently a work task that required the creation of a LaTeX style from scratch. Since I'm mostly a user of LaTeX and I never did design before, I naturally turned to the Internet for information. After a few misled initial google searches, I finally found what I looked for, but I was in for a surprise. My virtual instructor into LaTeX class writing turned out to be a 17 year old highschool student, Ankur Dave, who managed also to impress me with his skills and the breadth of his culture (surprising for his age). Little gems like this help illuminate a bit my grim view of humanity's future.


2010-01-17 09:38 (comments: 0)

Heh, I guess one must be careful what one wishes for. Celebrity has its quirks and Bill Gates finds this out once more.

Mr Deity

2010-01-12 20:08 (comments: 0)

I like Mr. Deity. Last episode is exquisite. One has to listen twice in order to capture all the depths of the densified jokes. Excellent.

Pure jazzy delight

2010-01-10 16:23 (comments: 0)

I discovered Melody Gardot recently (in a jazz CD sales top 10). I became fascinated with her voice. And her story dazzles me. Even her flickr stream procures joy and reflection. A woman of her time, a lesson of life for many.