New weblog

2010-01-08 10:51 (comments: 0)

Carl has a new weblog. His forums were for long a great collection of cool info. Wish to read his blog longer still.

A great new year

2010-01-08 10:50 (comments: 0)

... to everybody. And health, and wealth and happiness. And may your resolutions become fulfilled.


2009-12-13 17:56 (comments: 0)

My missing limb is back. And better: D300s! Cool Yeppee!

A Stross book

2009-11-24 08:51 (comments: 0)

Saturn's Children didn't quite make it for me, at least not like the other Stross books. I even read Iron Sunrise before Singularity Sky and I still liked each separately and both together better than Saturn's Children.

I can get Stross' (masterfully achieved) attempt to emulate Asimov and Heinlein. I can identify Asimov's linearity in the plot, relative scarcity of characters and of characters' characters. It's oh so endearing to find here Heinlein's ideas about a solar system economy based on gravity gradients. And these I liked very much, both at a basic emotional level and as an intellectual exercise.

But sex robots with sentiments? The fudged over motivation of the droid slave society issued from the death humankind? Well, I believe the ideas have high value but it seems like the author was bullied (by his editor?) into finishing faster and thus the treatment of these ideas lacks Stross-like depth.

But all in all, a good book, that clings to memory.


2009-11-20 22:21 (comments: 0)

I sold my D80. I feel as if missing a limb...