A semitone

2012-01-07 17:51 (comments: 0)

Yepp, the difference between mere mortals and genius talents might well be a puny semitone. But if you ever hoped to once prove that your're a musical genius, try Tim Minchin's test for a humbling experience!


Wow! Just wow!

Trombone Shorty

2011-12-24 14:11 (comments: 0)

Catchy name, huh? Trombone Shorty is the artist name of Troy Michael Andrews, an excellent jazz instrumentist. His latest album,  For True, catched my ear while idly browsing on a (too) big online music store. I bought it and, boy, am I delighted! Try for yourself:

Hitch is no more

2011-12-16 06:45 (comments: 1)

Christopher Hitchens died today at the age of 62, from esophageal cancer. May his memory and his explosive literary and journalistic creations continue to make us better forever.


2011-12-10 19:24 (comments: 0)

Let's see what gives: libre.tibirna.org is up. A few projects I decided to adopt or that I was pursuing for some time but never made public are already there. My interest for qgit comes from the almost complete switch to this tool in all projects I was with (last to be converted, hopefully next year, being my daily job). I used eqonomize for a 3 or 4 years already (after having used cbb for 10); mighty little app; needs some love. The others are not even born.

Battling Bad Science

2011-11-05 14:10 (comments: 0)

Ben Goldacre about battling Bad Science (yes, with capitals). All things we know and get outraged about, but not outraged enough to do something. Ben does things (and he finds it amusing to be answered with bullying and threats for his efforts) and I very much like his enthousiasm. Pay particular attention to the depressing humor of finding bias in litterature that studies bias in scientific litterature.