Git and SVN too

2011-03-19 16:23 (comments: 0)

I only recently discovered that Git plays really nicely with SVN (much nicer than with CVS from what I know up to now). I work with a few small projects that are stored in SVN stashes (mostly so I find this functionality useful.

It is as simple as:

git svn clone
git co -b newbranch -t master

Then, when needed, just

git commit
git svn dcommit


I'm on the radio

2011-02-01 23:37 (comments: 2)

The "La voix du libre" radio show, airing on CKIA 88.3 in Québec City invited me for the edition of tomorrow, 2011-02-02. The two hours show will air at 20h00. I'll mainly speak about the KDE community. I'll post the link to the recording when it will get online.

Update (2011-02-05): The recording of the show mentioned above is now online.

Social policies and fine humor, a hit

2011-01-27 23:23 (comments: 1)

The world is made of more than "west and the rest". Paying attention means learning. Here is Mechai Viravaidya at TED(xChange), with lessons of social wisdom.

Hans Rosling, the serious possibilist

2011-01-27 21:40 (comments: 0)

Listen to Hans Rosling (quite originally) explaining how he thinks we can rein in the human population growth and thus fix all the deathly problems that come with it. He also mentions nuclear war as a harrowing alternative. Yes, one of these two futures might very possibly occur...