What is this?

I am a member of the development team of KDE. This is a software development project targetted at providing a modern graphical user interface (GUI) to operating systems of the Unix family. Work on KDE started in late 1996. It is now the most popular graphical interface for Linux.
I work in the KDE project because:

  • it is the most exciting extra-familial/extra-professional hobby I ever had;
  • it allows me to practice my sociology analysis inclinations;
  • it helps me have friends all over the world (from Canada to Namibia and from US to Australia, passing by France, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia);
  • it brings me ego rewards from time to time (when I contribute valuable code)

A radio show

On 2 February 2011, the local community radio show "La voix du libre" invited me for a discussion on Free Software communities. I represented KDE. Here is a recording of this show (OGG, 90MB, 2 hours).

Presentations of KDE

Une touche de KDE - invitation from Prof. Daniel Pascot to a conference with Québec government representatives.

Le Logiciel Libre - SIO-66895 2007.

Qui? Quoi? Pourquoi? Comment? - SQIL 2006.

In March 2006, I gave a presentation on Pourquoi le Logiciel Libre, at the courteous invitation of Professor Daniel Pascot from the Faculty of Administration Sciences at Laval University.

KDE - un choix judicieux (PDF) contains the notes of the conference I gave on 2006-01-10 to a group of directors of IT services from the Québec Government, where I was invited by Professor Daniel Pascot, a very active proponent of Free Software at Laval University.

Trucs et astuces avec KDE (kpresenter file) is a presentation I gave to SQIL 2005 on 19 november 2005. (HTML too).

In March 2001, the kind friends at Linuq invited me to make a presentation of KDE for users and for developers.

Here is the presentation, in web form, nicely generated by KPresenter. Please take note that I used French. An English version is available from the KDE site.

The KPresenter files are available too: part 1 and part 2.


In February 2002 I was given the occasion to hold a mini-workshop on KDevelop at the Laval University in Québec. The initial plan is available.