2009-10-07 22:03 (comments: 0)

I finished the re-reading of Marin Preda's Most Beloved Man on Earth. It was strange, as relectures go, because I remembered very little of my first reading in the beginning of the nineties. Also, my brain (spirit? hmm....) seems to still digest the rather challenging imagery and thought-food Preda has put in there. All the long of the three volumes, I hated the main character for his procrastinations. But, little by little, I grew fond of the intricate humanity the author masterfully instilled into him. So much so that I regretted reaching the last page. The main conclusion is a more generic one: for all the mediatic noise about globalization and death of local cultures, having the priviledge to get one's brain steeped in such different cultures as are illustrated by the western and the central european litteratures, makes one painfully aware of the differences and dissonances, much more so than spotting the similitudes.

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