Schieve Tabarnak from "Le trou du diable"

2012-04-02 06:44 (comments: 0)

I guess it's my turn (heh) at a bier review. Some time a go, two of my former students contacted me wanting a little helping hand with their final year project, which involved a Quebec microbrewer of a rather apart inspiration: "Le trou du diable". I promised to myself to taste a few of their beers, which I saw in "specialty" shops locally (but I guess I will have to make my mind one day and really go in that microbrewery tour I promised to myself for a few years already).

I tried first the "Schieve Tabarnak". The creator's description is over at the link. I will just say that it is a very nice beer. Very different. Extremely rich taste with perfectly distinct aromatic notes. Lets a very pleasant bitter aftertaste that disolves slowly to let behind a subtle sweetness inviting to another sip. Not too strong, just enough. The yeasts are very visibly present but they don't become obnoxious at the end as it sometimes happens with these beers (and I guess this is thanks to the well equilibrated suspension that they form).

I guess this one is a keeper for me.

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