Stairs of Québec

2012-05-05 19:43 (comments: 0)

Today I got to walk the "Escaliers de Québec" trail ("Stairs of Québec") with André and Charles. I like to stroll in the Old Québec, and I of course used a few of the stairs joining the high terrace with the "basse ville" (lower town ... no, not downtown). But this was special because we did most of the existing public stairs in one go, starting from the "Joffre" stair and going around until the "Cap Blanc" stair. This took about 5 hours, counting a bit more than an hour snack pause in the middle and the end walk back to the car. We had an excellent weather and Québec, under the fresh light of spring, is gorgeous to look at. I liked it quite a bit. A nice start for the hiking season of 2012.

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